A comprehensive, patient-centered PSP built on the world-renowned Salesforce Health Cloud platform and guarantees the utmost trust and security for your HIPAA and PII data.

A PSP Platform for Pharmaceutical Companies, Patients, and Healthcare Providers

Patient Nexus is a revolutionary platform for Patient Support Programs (PSPs) that helps pharmaceutical companies effectively manage PSPs and assist patients in accessing the right drug at the right time. Built on the world-renowned Salesforce Health Cloud, Patient Nexus is equipped with industry-leading workflows, automations, and best practices to ensure top-notch patient support.
At Patient Nexus, we believe in providing comprehensive support to patients throughout their healthcare journey. Our PSP model is designed to offer personalized education, resources, and coordination to ensure that patients in pharmaceutical programs receive the best possible care.

Our platform empowers pharmaceutical companies to

Multiple Programs & Products can be managed in a single platform for better management of patients. This provides a holistic view of data, regardless of which products or programs they are enrolled in to better track them

Effectively manage PSPs: Patient Nexus provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of PSPs, including patient enrollment, eligibility verification, financial assistance, and patient support services.
Assist patients in accessing the right drug at the right time: Patient Nexus helps patients to understand their treatment options, navigate the financial assistance process, and obtain the medication they need.

We also empower patients to

Provide better care to their patients: Patient Nexus provides healthcare providers with access to patient data and insights that can help them to provide better care to their patients.
Receive personalized support: Patient Nexus provides patients with access to personalized education, resources, and coordination to help them manage their treatment and achieve their health goals.
In addition, Patient Nexus empowers healthcare providers to: By empowering pharmaceutical companies, patients, and healthcare providers, Patient Nexus helps to improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs, and enhance the overall healthcare experience for everyone involved.

Here are some of the key benefits of Patient Nexus

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