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Generative AI is revolutionizing healthcare and life sciences, leading to a future of more personalized care and accelerated medical breakthroughs. Providers can now leverage this powerful technology to analyze vast amounts of data, creating customized treatment plans predicting potential health risks and bring new drugs to market. This not only improves patient outcomes but also streamlines resource management within healthcare systems. Researchers are using AI to unlock faster discoveries, analyzing complex datasets and propelling medical advancements. As generative AI continues to evolve, it holds immense potential to transform healthcare delivery and create a healthier future for all. Partner with Value Health Inc. to learn more about how generative AI is transforming healthcare and life sciences, and improve patient outcomes quicker.

Gen AI Solutions for the 4Ps in Healthcare

Value Health Inc. with Generative AI (Gen AI) offers exciting possibilities to improve healthcare for patients, providers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies. Here’s a breakdown of our solutions for each:

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Automated Document Triaging powered by Gen AI

  • Automated Enrollment process: Our Gen AI solution automates the enrollment process by capturing all data from email and faxes to create a record in the Salesforce CRM
  • DE-Duplication: The solution also checks for duplicate leads and flags them accordingly before creation of a record in the system
  • Faster Time to Therapy: Program team can spend more time with the patients to onboard them rather than burdened by administrative tasks

e-Benefit Verification powered by Gen AI

  • Boost Efficiency: AI automates tasks like preliminary eligibility checks and benefit plan analysis, freeing up staff for more complex cases. Imagine real-time verification, reducing wait times and streamlining workflows.
  • Enhance Accuracy: AI learns from vast datasets to identify patterns and anomalies, minimizing human error and ensuring patients to receive the correct benefits.
  • Improve Transparency: Gen AI can provide clear and concise explanations of benefit outcomes, increasing trust and understanding for both patients and providers.

Gen AI Bot for Patient Engagement

  • Self-Enrollment: New patients can easily enroll in your program directly through the chatbot, providing basic information for a friction-less experience.
  • On-Demand Program Support: Existing patients can access program details, copay balances, and prior authorization status anytime, anywhere.
  • Seamless Information Updates: Patients can upload a picture of their card, and Gen AI smart technology (OCR) will extract the details and update their records automatically.

Patient Nexus powered by Salesforce Healthcloud

  • Multi-Program & Multi-Product framework that enhances program management across multiple brands within the same pharmaceutical company
  • Electronic Benefit Verification that boosts efficiency in obtaining the coverage benefit information of the patient with a simple click reducing time to therapy rapidly
  • Missing Information, Adherence & Territory Management workflows powered by Gen AI to ensure program team spends adequate time to improve quality of life of the patients

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