Gen AI Ushers in a
New Era

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI: Transforming Patient Support Programs (PSPs)

“Patient support programs play a vital role in supporting patients throughout their healthcare journey. However, these programs often face challenges ensuring efficient operations, delivering personalized care, and navigating complex administrative tasks which involve payers and HCPs. This is where the game-changing potential of Generative AI (Gen AI) comes in. We have diligently incorporated Gen AI into our PSP platform, Patient Nexus, yielding remarkable benefits. Here’s how we’ve harnessed its power.”

Imagine a world where Gen AI acts as your invisible copilot, empowering your patient support program to reach new heights. Let's explore how it can help

Boosting Staff Expertise

AI-Infused Training: Ditch one-size-fits-all training! Gen AI personalized learning for contact center staff, care coordinators, onsite patient liaisons and hub support personnel. Interactive, adaptive modules ensure they possess the knowledge and skills to tackle any patient or HCP office questions/interaction with confidence.

Delivering 24/7 Support

AI-powered Virtual Assistant: Worried about after-hours emergencies? Supporting PSPs during business hours itself gets very pricey, let alone after hours. Gen AI steps in as an ever-present support buddy. Patients and healthcare professionals can access guidance and help with basic questions on PSPs as complex as adverse events anytime,, ensuring peace of mind and continuity of care.

Simplifying Administrative Burdens

AI-driven Benefit Verification & Prior Authorization: Say goodbye to manual tasks! Gen AI streamlines coverage determination for Part B and Part D plans, automates benefit verification, and expedites prior authorization submissions, freeing up valuable staff time and resources for HCPs and office staff and keeps the patient in the loop throughout the process.

Speeding up Patient Enrollments

AI-powered Missing Information Analysis: Frustrated by incomplete data? Gen AI scans for missing information and auto-corrects using commonly available information or external verified data source. If the information is not found, it alerts HCPs and Patients with a secure link to update their information electronically eliminating paperwork and unnecessary delays. This ensures data integrity and minimizes delays in patient care.

Predicting and Optimizing Workload

Work Volume Prediction: Harness the power of Salesforce Einstein AI to anticipate the work volume for the internal and HUB staff. Proactive resource allocation within your contact center and care coordination team becomes a reality, leading to efficient operations and improved patient outcomes and saves a lot of money by comparing the historical data such as enrollment patterns, time taken for welcome calls/visits, patient benefit verification and most importantly patients adherence follow up calls.

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Personalized Communication: Gen AI goes beyond generic texts and emails notification. Leverage core communication platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, email, and chatbots, tailored to country and individual preferences and needs to run the end to end PSP programs without building patients facing portals and mobile apps which have many user adoption challenges. This fosters patient engagement and promotes adherence to treatment plans and eliminates the need for expensive portals and painful login and password management policies.

By deploying these Gen AI-powered solutions, your patient support program can:

  • Reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.
  • Deliver personalized and timely support to patients.
  • Improve data accuracy and streamline administrative tasks.
  • Predict and proactively manage patient needs.


The future of patient support programs is bright, and Gen AI holds the key to unlocking its full potential. Start exploring these innovative solutions which can run on your existing CRM or our pre-built CRM called Patient Nexus built on world’s leading platform Salesforce CRM today and watch your program transform into a powerhouse of patient-centric care. Remember, this is just the beginning. As Gen AI evolves, its impact on patient support programs will continue to grow, paving the way for a future where every patient receives the personalized care they deserve.

Discover how we've seamlessly integrated Gen AI into our PSP platform, Patient Nexus and learn how it can help you today.