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Key Benefits of Tech driven Annual Re-verification


Increase in HCP & Patient


Increase in existing resource productivity


Decrease in overall


Savings year on
year for AR


Increase in case

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Annual reverification (AR) is a crucial process for pharmaceutical companies (pharma companies) that run patient support programs (PSPs). It ensures patients enrolled in these programs continue receiving their medication without disruptions due to insurance changes.

Here's a breakdown of the process

What Makes Annual Reverification Crucial?

Minimizes therapy disruption

Enhances therapy access

Key Challenges

Our Solution

AR Process


Notification to HCPs & Patients

Reminder notification to HCPs & Patients

Benefit Verification with Gen AI solution

Gen AI Solution with Gateways

The insurance information undergoes screening via the Electronic Benefit Verification solution to obtain an initial coverage determination.

If Covered

If Not Covered

If Covered With Restrictions

Beyond Verification

Modern AR offers more than just benefit verification. It provides opportunities to:

Strengthen patient adherence: By tackling potential obstacles and ensuring consistent access to medication.

Improve program effectiveness:  By identifying gaps and inefficiencies to enhance patient support.

Overall, Annual reverification is essential for pharmaceutical companies to maintain the seamless operation of their patient support programs and ensure patients have continuous access to their medications.

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